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Why will lifestyle photography help you sell more on Amazon?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

If you are not using lifestyle imagery to sell your products on Amazon you are missing the opportunity to make an instant connection with your dream clients! Check out this video where I discuss the importance of Lifestyle Imagery on Amazon with Amazon Brand Expert, Keeley Middleton from Sell Beyond.

For those that don't like watching video's, here is an overview of what we discuss in the video:

Question 1 - Keeley Middleton - Sell Beyond

IPhone cases on Amazon are one of the biggest categories. So it's highly competitive, and a lot of people are going to make purchases based on the listing reviews and the price. How do you think lifestyle images could benefit selling iPhone cases on Amazon?

Response - Eleanor Santos - Santos Photography

Every company has a specific target market in mind when they're selling a product. Or at least they should do, because once you know who you are trying to sell to, you can then create the imagery that's going to attract that type of person. Lifestyle imagery gives you the opportunity to create an image that will show the person either

a) What problem your product solves and why they need it

b) Create a lifestyle image that shows the viewier what kind of benifit or luxury they can enjoy by purchasing your product

An example of this is... if you buy my product, you could be relaxing in your garden, having a nice glass of wine, or in one of those inflatable hot tubs. So lifestyle imagey is selling the dream!

For me, they are the key sales images. Somebody should be able to look at a lifestyle image on your listing and instantly think... Yes, I need to buy that product because I'm having this problem, and it's going to solve it, or I just need to buy this luxury item because it's going to enhance my lifestyle.

Question 2 - Keeley Middleton - Sell Beyond

Why don't people use many lifestyle images on Amazon?

Response - Eleanor Santos - Santos Photography

I think people are a bit frightened of them, they think they're going to be expensive. Or they don't know why they need them. A lot of the time, when someone contacts me, and they'll ask me to shoot product photography, they're just thinking of the standard, white background imagery because that's what everybody's used to seeing on Amazon. Then then I'll explain to them, "Well, we need to do a little bit more than that."

Once we start chatting about it, they realize how important lifestyle imagery is for selling products. I was talking with a potencial client, the other day, that does books on how to make gift cards, it has lots of ideas and designs inside the book. We started talking about their target market, and it was mainly older people that were retired.

Next we started discussing their target market & were thinking about... "What do people of that age group like to do & why would they want to buy this product?" Well, they're going to buy it because they enjoy crafting & would make cards to gift to family & friends. Then for a lifestyle photography idea I suggested "What about if you have an older person with their grandchild? Then you have given potencial customers an extra selling point and turned I wan't into I need.

Keeley Middleton - Sell Beyond

That's genius. This is why I love working with you.

Eleanor Santos - Santos Photography

The customer is now thinking: "If I buy this product not only can I make beautiful cards but I can enjoy fun time bonding with my family, it's something we could do together. And the client was like, "Yes, that's amazing. That's exactly what I want."

Many times until I have these kind of conversations with clients, they just don't see the value in investing in lifestyle imagery but once I explain that lifestyle imagery, targeted at their dream target market, that are likely to want to buy their product, is invaluable, isn't it?

With lifestyle imagery a single image can atrract your targeted market and instantly shows them why they NEED to buy your product, then the sale becomes much more easy because people can relate to it.

I hope that this brief interview has given you an insite into why lifestyle imagery will help you sell more products on Amazon! You can join Keeley & I this Wednesday for a FREE webinar on Picture your Amazon Growth & How Lifestyle Imagery can help you sell more on Amazon.

Book a free consultation with me today to discuss how lifestyle photography can work for you. Call me on 0780 644 1856 or email

It doesn't matter where you are based, I work with clients all over the UK!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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