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Corporate Headshots That Capture Your Character

Stand out from the ordinary with individual & group images

Why do photographers take the same headshots over and over again for brochures and websites?

We believe you deserve a different approach. Images should be exciting and intriguing. All dimensions should combine to create a picture that demands visual attention for the right reasons.

Our artistic and individual flair provides you with another angle and perspective on your portrait images, turning them into a tool to sell you and your business.

Book your corporate head shot with santo

Do you hate the thought of having your photo taken?

I constantly hear the words...


  • "I hate having my photo taken"

  • "I'm not photogenic"

  • "I always shut my eyes in photographs"

  •  I hate my nose, scar, tummy...

This is NOT true! You will look great in your photos and have fun at the same time.

My shooting style is natural and relaxed. The most common response I get after a commercial portrait shoot?


‘I actually really enjoyed that!’

I'm not pushy, I will NOT ask you to do any stupid poses: I want you to feel comfortable so I can show your personality through my images.

I will ensure your clothing and hair is in place. If you need a little extra support and encouragement, I will be there to gently guide you through the session ensuring you look your best at all times.

Commercial Concept Images
Commercial portraits do not always have to display a neutral side. Why have a simple picture when you can say something about your company’s identity? We like to create images that are indicative of your brand and the character of your business.

We capture poses and expressions, using different locations and lighting, adding in the tools of your trade. All of these elements reflect your personality, ambition and emotion. Ultimately, people want to buy and work with people, so why hide who you are?

Understanding your team and business
Even if you don’t think there’s a unique or interesting side to your business/team, we can prove you wrong. Our skill and expertise is honing in on that special aspect of your business, using our creativity to show this in your images.

EMAIL ME to request a copy of my portrait brochure,


You receive a free telephone consultation to help you decide whether a studio or location shoot would work better for you.


We will advise you on how to prepare for your shoot to ensure you are looking your best! 

If you are not sure what to wear, I can help you choose the best outfits on arrival to the shoot.


We will always shoot your content with the end goal and purpose in mind. After all, there’s no point shooting in portrait format if you need skinny hero banner photos for your website!

Ready for use

Your edited photos will be sent you in high resolution (suitable for quality printing) and low resolution (ready for online use). For commercial headshots where appropriate, I provide the images in colour and black and white as well.

Headshot packages
I have two basic packages for portraits, both are based on a photo session for 1 person and can be at my Norwich Photo Studio or at an agreed location. If you are looking for a quality headshot for both your website and LinkedIn profile, our "Must Have" is ideal. This package gives you 1 outfit change.

EMAIL ME to request a Headshot Price List


Do you work with more than one type of target market?

If the answer is yes, I highly recommend my "Harvest the human element of your business package" which includes 3 outfit changes. Adapting your personal image extends the potential of your audience.


Need to photograph your whole team?

For larger teams, I will be happy to provide a bespoke quotation to tailor it to your needs.



Worried about staff missing work?

For minimal disruption to your workforce, I can bring my professional portrait studio to your business and create a shooting schedule so your team can get back to work as soon as possible. Following a site visit, I’ll suggest places in your office that work for backdrops for staff photos using natural or studio lighting.  

Norwich portrait photographers.jpg

Karen Harris, Orange

Fox Electrical

During the course of our work with Eleanor we had two head shot ‘sessions’ and at all times Eleanor made us all feel very comfortable and offered advice on some ‘tweaks’ we could make, whether that was a small ‘tweak’ for hair being placed better, a collar out of place or a slight turn of the head.

photos of people for your business 2.jpg

James Heal,

Flywheel Learning Ltd

Thank you, you made me feel very comfortable and at ease. 


I've just looked through the photos for the first time, they are great. Love the different looks and styles and gives me loads of options.

Studio high key portaits.jpg

Michael Banks, 
Leadership Luminaries

It was easy and fun to work with Eleanor. She brought all her gear to my house (I appreciated not having to travel) and set it up so it looked like a professional photographer's studio. (In effect it was!)


She had me to play my favorite music and we had home refreshments during the multi-hour photo shoot. So a great ambience and a great set of photos! I was super happy with the results. I used one photo to launch my successful podcast series 'Leadership Luminaries'

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Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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