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Product photographs that make your products the star

Commercial photography is about selling - we create imagery that puts your product at the centre of everything you do

Product photography needs to be simple, clean and effective. 


Prospective customers need to view exact dimensions, colours and styles in order to make a buying decision.

Choose the colour background and we will work to your requirements. All images are cropped, colour adjusted and delivered to your exacting timescales. This is a business service designed to give you a fast and professional outcome.

Every image is shot using the same light and neutral style to give you absolute consistency in your product catalogue or on your website.

Lifestyle product photography norwich no

There are two types of product photography shots you need to make your products sell on Amazon, eBay & Etsy!

1. Main Product Images
Your key sales imagery on a white background, also known as a ‘hero image’ on ecommerce sites. These should show the whole product as well as close-ups of special features.

2. Lifestyle Imagery

These images should show the viewer how they will benefit from using your product, how it will enhance or make life easier. This can be done with or without models.

“Product lifestyle photographs are essential to take your product listings to the next level"

Amazon Photography Services

I shoot everything from a single product to multiple products to be listed on ecommerce sites. Most of the time you will find me shooting quality photos for Amazon product listings and A+ Content (available to brand registered sellers on Amazon). My photography studio is based close to Norwich Airport; however, I can also bring my professional photography studio to you. 

I also offer remote photography for Amazon products, so if you don't live close by, simply post your products to me, I will photograph them and send them back to you.

Your edited photos will be sent to you in low resolution (ready for online use) and high resolution (suitable for quality printing).


Ongoing product marketing photos for your social media

It can be exhausting constantly coming up with content ideas for your social media and marketing materials. I can create an ongoing photography plan to fit with your marketing needs so you get fresh, vibrant and seasonal photos to sell your products on social media, saving you time and frustration thinking of what to post.

I'd love to hear all about your products!



We decide whether your images should show your products’ true colours or whether we enhance the vibrancy and impact of the photos


We can capture specific lighting or backgrounds in a shot to better frame the mood or character of the product.


We will always shoot your content with the end goal and purpose in mind. After all, there is no point editing in portrait format if you need square images for your product listing!

Product prep ADVICE

We advise you on how to choose the best products for your shoot and how to prepare them so they look their best.

Additional services

We can assist you to finding perfect locations for your shoot, source purchase props and organize set creation if required

Product Photographer.jpg

Johnny Cheung, Power Guard International UK Limited

Project: Photo frames

We require our products to look beautiful when they are listed on e-commerce marketplaces. This can be quite challenging as our products have high reflective surface.

We found Eleanor very receptive to our requirements and contributed valuable ideas to make our product photos look great.


We are very pleased with her work & the photos she has produced, which have made our listings stand out from the competition. We have been rated Top-Rated Sellers by Ebay in a short period of time. We believe the product photos do play a part in achieving this outstanding performance. 

ECL Logo and client of Santos Photograph

Zoeei Giles,
ECL Care Solutions

Project: Multiple health care products


Santos Photography were a joy to work, I was extremely comfortable working with them.


They understood what my company was looking for when photographing the products for our e-commerce website & new brochure.


Santos Photography worked efficiently and provided updates/preview shots and various options when agreeing on the product shots. We were very happy with the final images.

41 Ezee San client of Santos Photography

Simon Clarke

Ezeesan Ltd

Project: Hand santizing station


After an initial meeting to establish our needs, the shoot was professional and flexible ensuring all requirements were met.

Eleanor was a pleasure to work with and set us at ease throughout the process & the final photos were excellent. We lauched our business & new website with these photos & they have assisted with all of our sales to date.


Contact Me

Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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