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People eat with their eyes...
so what are you feeding them?

Are you on the fence about investing in professional food photography? 

When searching for a place to dine out, the first thing diners do is check out the photos on your website or social media feed.


Great photography will literally sell your restaurant!

My question to you is – can you afford to NOT have professional photos?

Professional food photography should reflect your brand.

Consistent style needs to be present throughout all your marketing materials and this should flow through to your socials. The quickest way to show potential customers what you do is through photographs. Sometimes the name of a dish is not instantly recognisable, but an image can instantly explain what the dish is.

Great food photography is important to help sell your restaurant; images of tasty dishes will be the driving force to get diners to take action and book a table. But diners also need help to see how they might enjoy your eating on your premises: you need to set the scene! Attract couples for date night or special celebrations by shooting your restaurant in the evening, highlighting your beautiful mood lighting and ambience. 

Do you sell your food through 3rd party selling sites such as Deliveroo and Just Eat?

They have strict photo shoot guidelines for your images on their platforms. I can ensure your photos follow these guidelines, while creating something much more artistic and engaging, so you get both the image content you need and want.

There are so many tips and tricks we can use when photographing your foodie business that will boost your social media engagement and increase your bookings.

Eleanor Photographer and owner of Santos

Why am I the best person to photograph your restaurant, coffee shop or food business?

I co-own Jorge's restaurant with my husband! 

While he manages operations, it's my job to photograph the new dishes, interior and exterior to ensure our social media platforms and website stand out.

So why am I telling you this?

The restaurant and hospitality scene in Norfolk and Suffolk is saturated with competition! To be successful, your eatery needs to stand out. I know exactly what photography you need on your website and which type of photos will get you better interaction on your social media platforms. 

You are in the unique position to not only benefit from my 17 years of experience in the photography industry but you can also capitalize on the marketing knowledge of a fellow restaurant owner. I can 100% take your marketing materials to the next level!

It's got to be worth a conversation, right?

There are many benefits to getting professional photography for your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or foodie business! 


✔️SHOWCASE: People want to see your space and wonderful food before they book a table.

✔️ EDUCATE: By showing your audience professional photos of your food, you are educating them about what you offer. Photos should instantly show the client what you offer, whether it’s hearty portion sizes, fine dining aspect. You can also easily show people what to expect if a dish has a tricky name or is relatively rare.

✔️ TEMPT: Fill your website and social media platforms with mouth-watering photos of your dishes and photos that show the ambience of your space.


Check out some of the services available below when working with Santos Photography. 

Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's talk about your shoot requirements! Call me on 0780 644 1856.



We discuss your requirements and where you want to use the photos to make sure I shoot the best content for you. We also plan out the shoot, allocating timings for each dish to be shot so the food looks its best.

Optional Angles

I like to shoot your food and premises from a variety of angles. This gives you a lot more variety of content to play with and will keep your socials looking fresh. 


I am an experienced hospitality and property photographer, so in addition to photographing your food, I can also make your premises look amazing and advise what time of day would be best for your photos!


We will agree on a shooting schedule and date for delivery of your final images. Your edited photos will be sent via WeTransfer allowing you instant access. You will receive them in high resolution (perfect for print) and low resolution (perfect for socials).

& Set

If you want to stage something more creative, I can assist you with purchasing props and location finding.

Portrait Photography That Captures Your Character

For us commercial photography is about selling - that's why we create imagery that up puts your product, service or brand front and centre of everything we do. 

Rocky bottoms restaurant and client of S

Polyana, Rocky Bottoms

The photos are really great.

Jorges Restaurant Norwich and client of

Jorge, Jorge's Restaurant

The amazing quality of Eleanor's photos really drives engagement on our social media platforms.

Ciscoes Restaurant client of Santos Phot

Luke, Ciscoes

The photo's are great, they really captured the quality of the food!

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Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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