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Architectural - Photographs that sell the dream

Architectural & real estate photography in Norfolk & Suffolk

There are 3 main types of property photography we specialise in: 

1. Property photography for Architects & Construction Companies

2. Property photography for holiday homes, rentals and airbnb's

3. Property Photography for Estate Agents


Our experience in photographing hundreds of different properties over the years has taught us that the images required for each of these are slightly different.



The target market for each of these is very different and the reason the client (estate agent, architect, letting agent) needs professional photos is also different plus the length of time the property photos will be visible for each of these market sectors also varies!

What is the key to creating architectural photos that sell your property?


Our photography creates the backdrop for their imagination - we sell the dream not just your space. With a focus on the important design features not just the overall space, each image shows the ambience, life and atmosphere of your property.  We also photograph commercial and industrial premises too.


We will advise on how to schedule the shoot & how to setup your property! We will provide all of the images to you in high and low resolution so they are ready to high quality printed brochures of already sized to pop straight onto your property lists, website and social media! 

Whilst we predominantly shoot properties in Norfolk & Suffolk, we are happy to travel to any destination.

Eleanor Photographer and owner of Santos

Why am I the best person to shoot your property? 

"One of my clients reported increasing sales of their holiday rental portfolio by 40% in one year" & another reported that properties we photographed were fully booked for the year, much earlier on in the season!


The only thing our clients did differently was replace all of their customers property photography with photos we shot for them. 

By hiring Santos Photography, you not only get a creative photographer with over 17 years of experience in the industry, you also get my commercial experience & ability to tweak my shoot style to your needs!

So are you ready to sell more properties?

Are you an Architect or a Construction company?

The style of photography you require will be a little different. 

In my experience most of my Arictect & construction require a strong portfolio of images that clearly show the high quality work they produce. Here are some of the key factors I like to highlight when working with architects and construction companies.

✔️ Design Features! You have spent months designing bespoke features throughout the property that are unique            or solve a specific problem for your clients. Let's show these off!

✔️ Construction Details! Perhaps you have shipped in a unique floor, stone, wood, or created a new type of             finishing in your construction! Let's showcase this unique detail in your photographs

✔️ New versus old! Have you been working with a listed building and added an extension! Let's highlight how well you have added a new beautiful extension but kept the integrity of the regional building

✔️ Surroundings! A great architect and construction company will have carefully selected the structure & materials to complement the surroundings. We'll step back, take a wide shot and show how well you have done this!

✔️ Steet views! This is more relevant if you have constructed a few houses together or a housing estate! Showing attractive street views and additional landscaping around the properties will help sell properties

Are you worried about approaching your customers to ask permission to photograph their property because they are already living or working in the property? 


In my experience, most people are flattered that you love their home and are happy to have a shoot in exchange for digital copies of the photos taken. We can help you advise your clients how they need to set up their home.


Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's talk about your shoot requirements! Call me on 0780 644 1856.

Holiday Rentals & Airbnb

Your photos need to sell the dream & stand out from your competitors - Yes you need to show the overall space of your holiday rental, but – they need to see themselves relaxing in your home!


What kind of holiday would they have? Where can they relax? Is the kitchen suitable to cook meals – is there an outside garden area they can entertain guests in? Is there a games room for the children and are pets allowed?

✔️ Staging! This is really important! We will tell you exactly how to prepare each room so your property looks it's best! It sounds obvious but there are certain things you need to do differently than when you prepare for a guest arrival.

✔️ Choose the right Time of day! The time of day can really change the final look of your photos. For premium properties, we advise having photos taken during the day and also the evening to get that beautiful blue hue in the images

✔️ Add a hint of lifestyle! Let's bring your holiday property to life by setting the dining room table, bringing in wine, flowers! Let's set up a beautiful breakfast and get the garden furniture set up like you are entertaining. All of these details help people to imagine how they can relax and enjoy your property. We can advise what you need to get in or do this on your behalf for an extra fee.

Are you concerned about how you can fit the shoot in between rental customers?

We get it, you can block days out to do the photoshoot and lose money! The length of time to photograph your property will depend on the size but this usually varies from 1.5 - 4 hours. We are used to shooting between guests & will ensure we leave everything as we found it.

Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's talk about your shoot requirements! Call me on 0780 644 1856.

Are you an Estate Agent? Do your clients struggle to see the importance of investing in professional photography?

Architectural Photography - When a prospective client looks at an internal photograph of a building – they need to see the potential.


What kind of life could they live in this house or flat? What will their day to day life be like? How could they fit in all their furniture – or better still let their design side go wild? And what facilities are there for children and pets on those days off where they won’t leave the house?

The property market is moving so quickly that turnaround time is of paramount importance! Whilst agents selling low value properties might be happy taking photos on their phones if you specialise in listing high end & unique properties then [professional property photography is essential.

✔️ Wide Angles! We will shoot wide angles to show the whole room, making it look as spacious as possible

✔️ Details! We will shoot important details to highlight any special property features



I'm so glad you're still here & thinking about taking the next steps to improve your property image portfolio!

Check out some of the services available below when working with Santos Photography! 

Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's talk about your shoot requirements! Call me on 0780 644 1856.



We will tell you how to set-up to get the best out of your shoot


Bringing light, colour and texture into every room, infusing it with the right levels of emotion and energy.


We will always shoot your content with the end goal & purpose in mind. 


Ensuring that your images accurately reflect the technical dimensions and sizing of each room in the property.

With or without you

You can attend the shoot with us or you can give us the keys and we will shoot alone so you can carry on with your work!

30 SA Architectural Services Client of S

Solam Sizer, SA Architectural Services

During the course of our work with Eleanor we had two head shot ‘sessions’ and at all times Eleanor made us all feel very comfortable and offered advice on some ‘tweaks’ we could make, whether that was a small ‘tweak’ for hair being placed better, a collar out of place or a slight turn of the head.

34 Norfolks hidden gems client of Santos

Kevin Conroy,

Norfolks Hidden Gems

Santos Photography have been photographing our holiday homes to a very high standard. Their quality literally sell our holiday homes for us. We recommend their work to others because we know they will get quality commercial results every time. We are so very pleased with their results.

LRPM client of Santos Photography.png

Letitia Randell, LRPM Letting & Block Management

Santos Photography did some photos for a holiday cottage we manage and all I can say are good things! Professional and complete perfection.

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Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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