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Hello, I'm Eleanor

I'm different from most photographers because I take the time to understand who you are and what you are passionate about. I have a tried and tested process to ensure when working with clients, so they get killer imagery every time.​

To begin this process, I need to know all the unique parts of your business so I can tell your story and create imagery to make that personal connection with your potential clients. In time, this will help turn warm leads into paying clients.


Next, we will discuss the various services and products you offer whilst identifying who your target market is for each of these, this may be varied and require a different approach or style of imagery for each intended audience.

I specialise in commercial & corporate event photography & although I'm a Norwich based photographer, I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world. My studio is close to Norwich Airport & I also have the ability to bring my professional photography studio to your business premisis.

My clients include Harley Davidson Algarve, Porsche Switzerland, Conrad Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Four Seasons, Morston Hall & Ted X Norwich! Scroll to the bottom of this page to view more of my clients!

Norwich Photographer

A photograph is a moment in time. Santos Photography brings together everything to make that moment happen.

What is it like working with Santos Photography?

Here is all the important stuff you need to know about working with me!


✔️ I become an extension of your marketing team to help you achieve your marketing goals

✔️ My shoot style is natural and relaxed - I love playing with natural light. I hate anything cheesy or over staged - natural is best! 

✔️ I love detail and telling YOUR story - A single imagery can be powerful enough to capture the essence of your brand, but a series of ‘detail’ images can show the full extent of your products and services

✔️ I LOVE planning! Having a plan and shooting schedule ensures we are both on the same page for time expectations and which shot need to be captured.

✔️ I thrive under pressure – I work very well under pressure and am happy to go with the flow, if something changes on the day of the shoot, We will find the best solution to work around it!


✔️  Creative Shooting! I love turning everyday boring objects into something creative! A fresh take on something will be eye-catching to customers and draws interest


Dave Gibbons


If you want a photographer that brings creativity and experience, listens to you, and is a pleasure to work with, give Eleanor a shout. You'll get the results you need and enjoy the process.


The result was a fantastic bank of images that covered product, location and people. All very different subjects but all represented just how we hoped, perfectly telling our story through imagery.


Since the brand refresh, we’ve received lots of positive feedback on our website and marketing communications. Eleanor’s work has contributed to us creating a much more engaging identity and a position within the market that’s helped win new business.

Hollie Kiddle


Eleanor is great, she takes everything you say into consideration and has a genuine interest to gain knowledge on our business, the services provided, the systems we offer and how they work.


Eleanor is great at capturing detail and gaining an understanding of what is important to us. Eleanor has no fear of getting into loft spaces and we've definitely had a giggle along the way. We receive a vast range of images with great edits from our shoots.

Karren Harris

 Orange Fox

Eleanor is an absolute joy to work with.  She offers a wonderful mix of professionalism, knowledge, friendliness and dedication to the task in hand.  Giving Eleanor a task like no other:  to make electrical work both interesting and ‘sexy’! 

We never knew that our world of electrical work could look so colourful or interesting.

We use your photos in a lot of our social media posts, and these are welcomed exceptionally favourably.  Interaction increases considerably on all platforms when we use the shots that Eleanor has done for us.  The imagery is often complimented by our audience and our customers.  It has definitely improved our social media presence which has increased our enquiries.

How do I ensure I take great photos for you?

✔️ We talk! To capture great photos for your business, I need to get you. I start every project with a consultation. This can be a quick call or it might be an in-depth site visit, it depends on the complexity of your shoot. I need to understand what you are selling and who your target market is so I can shoot perfect photos.

✔️ What do you love and hate? I start to build a profile of the kind of images you like as well as those you don't like - sometimes images you dislike are just as important.

✔️ Collaboration and flexibility – No one knows your business better than you. You are welcome to send images you like or we can work together to create mood boards. We want you to be happy with your final photos! That said, if you allow me to have a good level of creative freedom during the shoot, I can make sure the real magic happens. 
✔️ Be there or don't be! I'm happy to work with you, your team or your art director on the day of the shoot. Having two creative minds at a shoot can be very rewarding and lead to unexpected shoot ideas. I’m just as used to shooting solo, so if you don't have time or don't want to be part of the creative process that’s fine too.

✔️ Are we the right fit? I don't accept every job – we have to be right for one another. Whilst I'm flexible in the way we work together if I feel your requirements don't match my shoot style, I will let you know.

✔️ 100% honesty: With me, what you see is what you get. I will be totally honest with you and expect the same in return, to create amazing images we need to ensure we are both on the same page.

I'm so glad you are still here! It looks like you are serious about taking your marketing content to the next level: I can't wait to hear all about you and your business.

My creative process

Every client is different and may require a slightly different approach but here is an overview of how the creative process works



We discuss your business, your shoot requirements as well as where and how you want to use the photos.



I provide you with a quotation and confirm the delivery time frame for your photos.




We brainstorm ideas for your shoot (where appropriate). This can be done by myself or we can collaborate on this. A shooting plan is put in place, detailing any props required.



On the shoot date, you can choose to be present, have a staff member work alongside me or leave me to it!


Once the shoot is completed, I back up your photos on to multiple hard drives and then start the editing process.



Your edited photos are sent in both high and low resolution and in colour (plus black and white when appropriate). ​


Your photos are sent via WeTransfer for you to download directly to your computer, allowing you instant access.


Once received, you can confirm you are happy with your photos or request additional edits.

Want to know more about me?

Read my story

I studied photography at Norwich University of the Arts and have a degree in Graphic Design with a specialism in Photography. Santos Photography was born in 2004 when I met my husband Jorge working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. It an amazing experience that taught me how to provide outstanding service and hone my skills (working with natural light with a gruelling work schedule!)

Leaving the confines of the cruise ship, Jorge and I took up residence in the Algarve where we started our photography business together, pushing everything we had into the business we won clients through determination and proactive marketing.

Soon the books were full of hotels, luxury property companies and architects all clamouring for professional photography shot by us.

Long term relationships have always been key to my success; I quickly established a regular client base and consistently won business on a referral basis. I always maintain a professional attitude to my work and high-quality standards of production. 

With regular clients including Sheraton Hotels, Four Seasons, The Conrad, Hilton Hotels, high-end construction companies we won contracts to shoot for Harley Davidson Portugal and Porsche - business was booming…

But sometimes life is about more than money. In 2012 we were blessed with the arrival of our miracle baby - Lexi. Our work-life became increasingly busy: high-pressure project deadlines began to take a toll on family life and our daughter spent most of her life in childcare. So, in 2016 we relocated back to Norwich where we have a great family network around us. As a Norwich girl, it's great to be back and surrounded by loved ones!

Let's fast forward to today


Since returning to the UK, I have focused on working with local businesses to rebrand their company image bank. I find it so rewarding to work with companies right from the initial stages of their rebrand. I enjoy learning about what makes a company special and getting to grips with what they need their new imagery to do and who their target market is.  


Total image rebranding is my passion. Most of the time this involves creating new commercial photography, lifestyle shots, product photography or case studies and corporate headshots of their team. 

I have been running a successful photography business for over 17 years and will bring a wealth of experience to your shoot.

Now you know about me, I'd love to hear about you and your business. I'm ready to create killer imagery, tell your story and help you to make a more personal connection with your dream clients!


My Clients

I am so proud to have such a diverse range of clients from multinational companies to small well-respected local businesses. Here is a selection of my clients.

1 Harley Davidson Santos Photography cli

Harley Davidson Algarve

5 Hilton Hotels Santos Photography Clien

Hilton Vilamoura Hotel

4 Porsche Santos Photography client.png

Porsche Switzerland

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

2 Conrad Hotels Santos Photography Clien

Conrad Algarve Hotel

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

3 Sheraton Hotels Santos Photography Cli

Sheraton Algarve

6 TCC Santos Photography Client.png


7 TedXNorwichED client santos photograph

TedX NorwichED

8 KNP Litho.png

KNP Litho

9 Caister Hall.png

Caistor Hall Hotel

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

BumbleZest Client of Santos Photography Norfolk


11 Phil Budd.png

Phil Budd Action Coach

12 Four Seasons Fairways.png

Four Seasons Fairways

13 Maac.png

Maac Heating & Cooling

14 Norfolk Broads Direct.png

Norfolk Broads Direct

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

Ciscoes Restaurant client of Santos Phot

Ciscoe's Sushi Restaurant

Go Bifanas Logo and client of Santos Pho

Go Bifanas Takeaway

Jorges Restaurant Norwich and client of

Jorge's Restaurant

Rocky bottoms restaurant and client of S

Rocky Bottoms Restaurant

Orange Fox Electrical and client of Sant

Orange Fox Electrical

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

18 Pentagon Media Client Santos Photogra

Pentagon Media

19 Preciaion Marketing Client Santos Pho

Precision Marketing Group

20 The Luxury Magician Client Santos Pho

The Luxury Magician

21 Four Seasons Country Club Client Sant

Four Seasons Country Club

22 Filneto Client Santos Photography.png

Filneto Group

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

37 Premier FX Client of Santos Photograp

Premier FX

34 Norfolks hidden gems client of Santos

Norfolk's Hidden Gems

35 Iberia Construction client of Santos

Iberia Construction

36 Vincent Burch Mortgages Client of San

Vincent Burch Mortgages

40 Norfolk Care Awards client of Santos

Norfolk Care Awards

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

38 Taste Portugal Client of Santos Photo

Taste Portugal Event

48 Tower Fitness Corporate Boxing client

Tower Fitness

41 Ezee San client of Santos Photography

Ezee San

Ye Olde Saddlery B&B and client of Santos Photography in Norfolk

Ye Olde Saddlery B&B 

49 Speedo Client of Santos Photography.p


6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

28 Intact Adhesives client of Santos Pho

Intact Adhesives

29 Necton Client of Santos Photography.p

Necton Salt Factory

30 SA Architectural Services Client of S

SA Architectural Services

31 SCM Albufeira Client of Santos Photog

SCM Charity

32 Carvels Letting Agent Client of Santo

Carvels Letting Agent

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

23 Dragonfly Bookkeeping Client Santos P

Dragonfly Bookkeeping 

24 SC Associates client of Santos Photog

Steven Carnaby & Associates

25 Krazy World Zoo client of Santos Phot

Krazy World Zoo

26 Jones & Co Lettings client of Santos

Jones & Co Lettings

27 BNI UK & Ireland and client of Santos

BNI UK & Ireland

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

LRPM client of Santos Photography.png

A' Legions Mens Wear 

Amethyst Details Logo client of Santos Photography .png

Amethyst Details

15 Sell Beyone Santos Photography.png

Sell Beyond

16 White Impact client Santos Photograph

White Impact

17 Dunas Douradas Beach Club Client Sant

DDBC Beach Club

6 Morston Hall Santos Photography Client

Morston Hall Hotel

Contact Me

Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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