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Where Commercial Experience Meets Artistic Excellence

Santos Photography are professional photographers based in Norfolk working throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.

We love to travel & are happy to travel anywhere in the UK & worldwide.

Commercial photography is about selling – that’s why we create imagery that puts your product, service and brand at the front of everything we do.

A photo has the power to bring your brand to life in a single image. It should reflect the core beliefs, ideas and philosophy of your business, showing how your heart is present in everything you do.


Santos Photography helps businesses tell unique stories by creating a series of powerful images.

We work with you to understand your message. What does your current branding need to represent? Are there other images that capture your character? Who is your ideal customer and what do they want?

Allow us to capture your key values in visual form and produce exceptional images.

Ella 2 bw.jpg

Hi, I'm Eleanor, founder of Santos Photography, find out why I am the best person to shoot imagery for your business! 

I'm different from most photographers because I take the time to understand who you are and what you are passionate about. To capture great photos for your business,  I need to get you! I need to understand what you are selling and who your target market is, this enables me to shoot killer photos every time.

I've been running my own photography business for over 17 years now! My clients include Harley Davidson Algarve, Porsche Switzerland, Conrad Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Four Seasons, Morston Hall & Ted X Norwich!

Wait there's more...

In addition to running my sucessful photography business I simultaneously co-owned one of the most successful events companies in the Algarve, Portugal for over 8 years. Most of our clients travelled from abroad which meant our photography & marketing materials needed to be spot on to attract new clients.


Since August 2018 I have co-owned a restaurant in Norwich with my husband Jorge, whilst he manages the running of the busness, it is my job to ensure we stand out from the competition in a highly saturated market & attract new & existing customers to book a table through strong imagery on our social media & marketing materials.

So why am I telling you this?


The commercial expertise and marketing knowledge from running these two businesses alongside my photography business means I know exactly what imagery you need to elevate your marketing materials and online presence.


By hiring me, you not only get a creative photographer with over 17 years of experience in the industry, you also get my commercial experience as a successful business owner that knows exactly what imagery sells to your customers!

I can help you take your marketing materials to the next level.

READ MORE & Learn what it's like working with me!


The Santos Difference

Our service is about the details – making sure there is artistic flair and technical excellence present in all our images.

What makes Santos Photography stand out from the competition?


Before we refine, crop and balance the images for presentation, we utilise the following service elements to give you an outstanding result every time.



Our client process is key to understanding your needs. We include pre-meetings and full briefs including sketches and preliminary images when required, so you can feel 100% your vision matches with ours before shooting.


We want to know all the unique parts of your business so we can tell your story and create imagery that makes a personal connection with prospective clients.


We will always shoot your content with the end purpose and goal in mind. There’s no point shooting in portrait format if you need content for thin banner headers for your website!


If an external factor prevents us from taking the best possible photographs, such as bad weather or the stylist is unwell, we will reschedule whenever possible at no extra cost

View my portfolio 

Click on the thumbnails below to view my portfolio by category or click on the "mixed gallery"
to view a mixed selection of images

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Commercial Lifestyle

food photography.jpg

Food Photography

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Product Photography

18 event photographer norfolk and suffol
property 3.jpg

Hospitality Photography

Property Photography 

Corporate Events Photography

head shots.jpg

Head shots Photography

personal brand 2.jpg

Personal Brand photograpahy

19 brand photography in norfolk and suff

Mixed Gallery

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time for a

key change?

Unlock the Swiss Vault and Harness the Power that is Social Media…

Show me how

For some businesses, the virtual world is a locked door you can’t find a way in to

Not everyone is a whizz with a computer, not all of us are tech-savy.


The secret?                                        

You don’t need to be.

Imagery sells, that's a fact! But for a lot of companies, paying for a professional photographer to create exciting and vibrant content for your social media each month is unrealistic.


Our photography & content creation lessons are designed to train you on the essentials of creating great social media content for your business regardless of your technical understanding.

We believe spontaneous social posts with relevant ‘in the moment’ topics mixed in with your professional photography content is the way forward. But most people have absolutely no idea how to take a good photo and we can certainly teach you how to - all you need is a camera phone.

Contact Me

Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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