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Hotels & Leisure - Commercial photography is about selling

We create imagery that puts your brand at the

heart of everything you do.

A tall, elegant glass of wine sitting on a bar at midnight. Sunshine falling on the crisp white sheets of a bed in the morning, complete with breakfast on a tray. Smiling faces around the swimming pool.


Holiday resorts and travel locations are more than just the space and the facilities: prospective customers need to view all the elements necessary to place themselves right in the middle of the experience.

Santos Photography works with you to set up moments, perfectly profiling your resort and rooms at the right time of day.

We sell your hospitality - not just your building.

Eleanor Photographer and owner of Santos

Why am I the best person to shoot your hotel or hospitality business? 

For over 8 years I owned and ran one of the most successful events companies in the Algarve, Portugal! 

Most of our clients travelled from abroad for commercial conferences or weddings. One of my main specialities was sourcing the perfect accommodation to suits my client's budgets and needs.

So why am I telling you this?

I've sold thousands of hotels and holiday/conference accommodation over the years. I know exactly what imagery you need to sell your accommodation and resort.


By hiring me, you not only get a creative photographer with over 17 years of experience in the industry, you also get my commercial experience as an event planner that knows exactly what imagery sells to your customers!

If your hospitality businesses also hosts events and weddings, I can 100% guarantee I can take your marketing materials to the next level.

I'm so glad you're still here & thinking about taking the next steps to improve your hospitality brand photography! 

My hospitality clients include Conrad Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Four Seasons Resorts, Sheraton Hotels, Mortson Hall and Caister Hall.

Planning your hotel/hospitality shoot can seem a bit overwhelming. Santos Photography has over 17 years of experience in this industry. We help you through each stage of planning from selecting the best time of day to shoot each part of your hotel or resort and even assisting you in organizing model release forms. We also can advise on how to schedule the shoot to prevent disruption for your guests.


We provide all of the images to you in high and low resolution, so they are ready for high quality brochures or ready to pop straight on your social media!


Check out some of the services available below when working with Santos Photography! 

Are you ready to take the next steps? Let's talk about your shoot requirements!

Call me on 0780 644 1856.



Before the photo session, we visit each section of the resort with you to discuss potential image shots, deciding the optimal times of day that will give the best light for your photos

Optional Angles

For larger projects, we take multiple images and allow you to select the ones that best suit the style and character of your location


In today’s world of business-critical outcomes, it is vital you appeal to your audience. With both standpoints covered, we ensure your images have the right emotional tone and texture for your customers


From pre-meetings to full briefs including sketches and preliminary images when required, we give you all the supporting information to drive the project in the right direction.


​We will tell you how to set-up to get the best out of your shoot and provide assistance with generating model release forms for staff members and models

on set.

Contact Me

Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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