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Are you Capitalising on the Human Element to Attract New Clients?

Personal brand photography allows you to make a more personal connection

with your clients! 

What is personal brand photography?

A selection of images that tell your personal story and show your personality. Telling your personal story through imagery allows people to get to know you better and makes your brand more personable.


Headshots vs. personal brand photography – what’s the difference?

Headshots – On your website, your clients want a face they can put the voice or emails to. Having several quality profile pictures suggests trustworthiness, lends credibility, adds prestige - because only true professionals have professional headshots, right? - and personalises your business. After all, it’s the human element.


Personal brand photography – I'm sure you have heard the phrase ‘people buy from people they know, like and trust’. A personal brand photography shoot makes you more approachable by sharing a bit more of your personality with your audience.


It would depend on the type of business you have and your target market for us to recommend between these two products. It’s recommended to book in a minimum of 4 shoots per year and a maximum of 1 per month to further your brand and create brand consistency. This allows your clients to get to know you a bit better.

A personal brand shoot can be anything from showing you (or your management team) working to illustrate you are leaders in your field or a shoot highlighting core company values such as sustainability. You could even do a shoot with your family showing what you love to do at the weekends - the options are endless!

Santos Photography Personal brand photog

Why should you consider a personal brand shoot for your business?

  • It creates a personal connection with your audience/clients

  • Showcase your personal brand so you stand out in the business crowd

  • Get more engagement on your social media by sharing image content

Are you worried you don’t have anything exciting to share?

I promise you, YOU do! You just haven't realised your story is interesting because it's just the norm for you – most businesses can’t see the wood for the trees about what makes them unique.

We will have a consultation before your shoot to talk about you and your business. You would be surprised how much exciting content and photo shoot ideas will come out during this session.

If you already know exactly what you want for your shoot, that’s fine too. The way I work is super flexible and I appreciate no one knows your business better than you. I'm just here to make you and your business look as good as it truly is.

Sounds great right? But where can you use personal brand photography in your business?

Social media lends itself really well to this kind of content; it's a more informal fast-moving platform for businesses. In my experience, posts with personal brand photography get a much higher interaction level. You can also work this content into newsletters and blog posts.   


Creating a more personal brand will make you more approachable. When done correctly, people begin to feel like they know you when really, they are just reading your social media posts. When they are ready to request a quote, they are building on that connection they made with you on your social media. 

Check out some of the services available below when working with Santos Photography.

Are you ready to add the human element to your marketing materials?


You engage in a phone consultation to help you decide what approach would work best for you and your business.


We advise you on how to prepare for your shoot to ensure you are looking

your best! ​I can also help you choose the best outfits at the shoot.


We shoot your content with the end goal and purpose in mind. After all, there’s no point shooting in portrait format if you need square images for Instagram!

Ready to use

Your edited photos will be sent in high resolution

(suitable for quality printing) and low resolution

(ready for online use).

Photo of musician walking in norwich streets - business and branding photographer ne

Joshua Wooldridge,

Working with Santos Photography was one of the most natural and relaxed experiences I've ever had on a shoot. I really feel the final results speak for themselves with their professional and polished execution, which is perfect for my intended audience. As a musician, you see many photographs of bands/artists in cliche environments and backgrounds; but Santos Photography really captured that natural essence that many others fail to grasp, and it's given me a library of fantastic photographs to help keep my music portfolio proudly represented in a skillful and highly efficient manner. 

Logo Quickfire digital and client of San

Nathan Lomas,
Quickfire Digital

We have always been delighted with Eleanor’s work. She has a real eye for detail, is patient with clients, understands the creative brief has always been so professional when handling our clients. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for fantastic photos that really capture the business in its best light!

36 business portraits near me.jpg

Jen May, 
Expressive VoiceWork

I've done 3 great shoots with Eleanor and am currently planning another.  Eleanor always makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease, even when naked and covered in red paint!  I trust her wholeheartedly and always love the final photos.  She really goes the extra mile to ensure the brief is fulfilled, continually checking that we have the images we need.  She's the height of professionalism with creative flair and an eye for detail.  I highly recommend her.

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Eleanor Santos  |  Tel: 0780 644 1856

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