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Devastatingly bold. Elegance refined. Imagination framed.

Let us become the eyes of your audience and show the soul of your work – with outstanding fashion photography


For when fashion photography needs to sell

Clothing is a statement of personality and lifestyle. Customers need to visualise how each garment lends an individual touch of character and class to their look. Fashion photography should reflect the versatility and purpose of every single piece.

The buyer needs the photo to make the clothes almost real, as if they can practically touch the fabric through the image. Creating this close contact with the garments is essential to triggering that must have feeling.

At Santos photography we make your clothes stand out. Working closely with your stylists, we give every image the right context, angle and emotion to convey the desirability of every item – from how it sits on the frame of the model, to how it combines with other supporting accessories.

Our fashion clients have included catalogues, retailers and modelling agencies using us for a full function service including our own make-up artists, stylist and location planning, through to photography only.


For when fashion photography needs to wow

Fashion can be high art, designed to provoke feeling. Splashes of colour blend with artistic and exotic make up and imaginative accessories to showcase the edge of new ideas in clothing and personal appearance.

In these moments, photography needs to cast the clothing as a character in a movie. It needs to suggest, inspire, amaze and above all make the viewer stop for a second locked in a sheer sense of wonder.

Throughout our entire creative process Santos Photography continually innovates and communicates to turn your ideas into a visual reality. And at the end the whole is greater than all the parts.

We go beyond fashion photography. We frame works of art.

Our editorial clients have included magazines, brands and private portfolio images for models, ranging from shoots where we have built every part of the image through to those where we have operated as part of a well ordered team.




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Fashion Photography in Norwich, Norfolk by Santos Photography, we are happy to travel to any destination worldwide.


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)