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The Santos Photography Difference

Our service is about the details – making sure that there is an artistic flair and technical excellence throughout all our images.

What makes Santos Photography stand out from the competition?

Alongside our adherence to instilling our vision and imagination into every single one of our photos, before we refine, crop and balance the images for presentation, we utilise the following service elements to give you an outstanding result every time.

  • No Compromise on Quality – if a factor prevents us from taking the best possible photographs, for instance if the weather isn’t sunny for the shoot or the stylist is unwell. We reschedule whenever possible rather than provide our clients with a diminished product.

  • Male and Female Perspective – in today’s world of business critical outcomes it is vital you appeal to your audience. With both standpoints covered, we ensure that your images have the right emotional tone and texture for your customers.

  • Continual Feedback and Critique – Santos Photography works as a team, this means we are adapting, developing and discussing every shot and image. Through this dual approach we always achieve the highest levels of production and imagination on every single one of your photographs.

  • Specific Client Pre-Process – key to generating outstanding pictures is an absolute understanding of your needs from the project. From pre-meetings to full briefs including sketches and preliminary images when required; we give you all the supporting information to drive the project in the right direction.

  • On the day delivery – we have found that one of the most productive ways to work with clients is to have an authority of the company with us during the shoot. We then constantly communicate with you to check that the images fit in with your expectations of the project.

  • Worldwide service – alongside our East Anglian and Norfolk photography service, we are able to travel to any UK based or global location in order to fulfil your commercial requirements.




eleanor: 0780 644 1856

jorge: 0737 503 7479

Why are Norfolk photographers Santos Photography different?


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)