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business, relationships, sucess and photography

This year we were invited to photograph the 2017 BNI UK & Ireland Conference in Newcastle.

We want to share with you some images showing how you can learn, build relationships, make business and have fun.

 Two days of long hours photographing but at the same time a great  opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

We never felt like we were just the photographers but a part of a group of business people with a positive Attitude,

who recognize that as a group they are stronger than on their own, and that by giving business to others they will get business in return, “Givers Gain”.

 Lots of inspirational speakers like Charlie Lawson, Tim Cook, Martine Wright, Dan Kelly, Bharat Daga, Niri Patel, Phil Berg, Morgan Stephenson & Lind Lowther,

Julian Lewis, Kathryn Saggers, Rich Hayden & Keeley Edge, Alan Foster, Ewan Sturman, Mike Holman, Laura Hurren,

Brian Gates, Scott Cuthbertson, Peter Higgs, and Craig More.

 Great moments of networking and sharing experiences, finishing with the Gala Dinner where the chapters

and people who contributed the most were recognized.

It was a great pleasure to photograph the BNI 2017 Conference, so we hope you feel a little more inspire when you look at our images.

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