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Fight Club - An emotional journey

When Jackson Williams invited us to photograph the Tower Fitness Corporate Event we decided to focus on

capturing what goes on behind the scenes during a boxing event.

Many of the boxers trained only for a few weeks before entering the ring for the first time.

 The Tower Fitness Corporate boxing event was a great opportunity for amateur boxers to experience the world of boxing.

  How do you feel during “the wait” in the dressing room, do you fell relaxed, anxious, nervous?

 You begin to stretch and warm up hoping to push the nervous energy away. 

Why am I here? This fight is only a few minutes of his life .

 I’m preparing to get into the ring, it’s really happening.

Hit hard, Hit first, Be Mean.

Your mind is racing, you probably don’t even hear what he is saying.

You put the gloves on and you realize now there is no going back, not even another bathroom break.

Take a deep breath. You are about to do something dangerous, courageous and difficult 

You hit the runway, you hope you don’t fall, you feel the knot in your stomach, the bright lights are jarring to your eyes.

You hear the crowd cheering for the fight. The adrenalin is up you are in flight mode.

You glance at your opponent who is waiting too. What are they thinking?

Clean fight, good fight.

You notice how those first couple of minutes of work leaves you more breathless than you are used to in training. How many rounds to go?

At the end of a fight you experience a state of emotional overwhelm.

 You find it difficult to control your thoughts and emotions.

The winner was declared, he fees the joy of victory.


And yet, loosing doesn’t tell the whole story.

Was it worth all the effort? What will remain with them after the fight? Only bruises...maybe not.

It's time to close the this case the doors.

Well done Jackson Williams.


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Photography: Santos Photography

Event Organizer: Jackson Williams

Venue: Open



eleanor: 0780 644 1856

jorge: 0737 503 7479

Tower Fitness Corporate Boxing Event at the Open arena in Norwich photographed by Santos Photography, norwich photographers


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© 2019 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)