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Portraits of a night at the Boxing

When Jackson approached us to photograph the Corporate Boxing Tower Fitness Events, he said that it would be up to us to decide how to best capture the essence of his Events. We had a clear view of how we would capture it and did not want it to be about the punches in the ring but about the boxers. We wanted to find out why or what makes somebody train hard for 12 weeks and enter a ring to fight an opponent that many times after those 12 weeks already became a friend. We were amazed with the variety of people that embraces this challenge, how different they are in terms of age, personality, professions and the reasons why they do it.

We decided to photograph the contenders by doing the reportage of their journey on the night of the fight and at the same time setting up studio for the boxers to go before and after the fight so we could better capture the raw emotions of the night.

Witnessing their emotions on the night made us think about what was going through their mind before, during and after the fight. These are the words that we think better express what they felt.

Before: Excited, Fearful, Regretful, Nervous, Confident, Relaxed, Anxious, Apprehensive, Concentrated

During: Pain, Powerful, Aware, Focused, Persistent, Fatigued, Weak, Invincible,

After: Frustrated, Relieved, Happy, Exhausted, Disappointed, Victorious, Accomplished

In the end it’s all about the achievement and the fact that they shared that moment with all their training colleagues, and with friends and family.

Does everybody want to win? Probably.

Are there any losers? Definitely not!!!





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© 2019 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)