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Roller Derby takes over the streets of Norwich

Before Harriet introduced us to Roller Derby we didn’t know much about it, except maybe from what we saw in some movie from the 1970’s.

 We are not going to tell you what the game is all about, but we would like to share what playing it, can mean to people’s lives.

Besides being a great way to exercise your body and mind it’s definitely an excellent way to meet people and create good relationships.

And when we say meet people we mean anybody from all sorts of background.

It does not matter how you look physically or what age you have you will be welcome the same way by everybody.

It’s a sport that empowers you, that help’s you build your confidence and shows you how to be a team player.

We guess this sport is as much about the collective wins as it is about the personal ones,

and that’s when sport becomes lifestyle.

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