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Products - Photographs that make your products the star.

For us commercial photography is about selling – that’s why we create imagery that puts your product, service or brand
front and centre of everything we do…

Product photography needs to be simple, clean and effective. Prospective customers need to view the exact dimensions, colours and styles in order to make a buying decision.

You choose the colour background and we work to your requirements. All images are cropped, colour adjusted and delivered to your exacting timescales. This is a business service designed to give you a fast and professional outcome.

Every image is shot using the same light and neutral style to give you absolute consistency in your product catalogue or on your website.

This service can include:

  • Colour profiling – altering the tone and timbre of your product’s colours to create more vibrancy and impact in the photographs.

  • Batch costings – we are able to offer reduced rate costing for larger bulk orders of product photographs.

  • Ambient product shots – capture specific lighting or backgrounds in a shot to better frame the mood or character of the product.




eleanor: 0780 644 1856

jorge: 0737 503 7479

Santos Photography offer commercial product photography in Norwich and Norfolk.


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)