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Santos Photography offers an extensive range of photographic styles, we deliver stunning imagery and offer a complete service. Our expertise extends to the following categories:-
  • Commercial photography including corporate portraits & "head shots", products & Industrial photography
  • Architecture including property and real estate & rentals.
  • Food Photography.
  • Events including corporate & commercial photography for groups, social events, parties, and christenings, etc.
  • Portraits. Studio or Location Photography, let us bring our studio to you.
  • Fashion. Everything you need for an eye catching fashion portfolio.

Please select one of the links above to visit our website and find out more about what Santos Photography can offer you or view our PORTFOLIO.



eleanor: 0780 644 1856

jorge: 0737 503 7479


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)


© 2021 Santos Photography. All rights reserved. (sitemap) (Privacy Policy)